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MGM Cargo Limited

Sea Cargo Agent and Freight Forwarder of  Balikbayan Boxes, services from Northern Ireland and Republic of  Ireland to the Philippines. A secure and reliable service that has been in operation for 12  years. 



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Balikbayan Boxes

Sizes & Prices

The two sizes of Balikbayan Boxes are as follows: 20"x18"x27" & 22"x18"x29". The size of the box depends on where you live in Ireland. Northern Ireland has the medium box and Southern Ireland has larger boxes to suit the customers needs.



All shipments are subject to be inspected by the MGM Cargo Limited personnel. MGM Cargo Limited complies with the required inspections for your protection.


Collection and Shipment

Schedule of Collections

Cargo shipment services from Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland to the Philippines.


Schedule of Shipments and Estimated Arrival

Estimated date of Shipments and Arrival in the Port of Manila, Philippines.



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